International Centre for Coastal Resources Research (Spain)

Centre Internacional d’Investigació dels Recursos Costaners

Akronym: CIRC

CIIRC is a public consortium consisting of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Regional Government of Catalunya), the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), with the support of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP/UN). CIIRC is thus a non-profit public Research Centre. The main goals of CIIRC are to initiate and coordinate the execution of studies related to the coastal zone and coastal resources, develop and disseminate tools to aid in the management of coastal resources, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology towards the industry and the administration, promoting the dissemination and exchange of information. CIIRC has a wide experience in managing research and research projects in the fields of coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics and water quality, oceanographic engineering, coastal morphodynamics and morphology, harbour engineering and operational oceanography, in close cooperation with UPC, mainly based on the use of numerical models, field permanent networks and an internationally recognised hydraulic lab (featuring the third wave flume CIEM in the EU in this field). CIIRC has been involved in numerous projects on coastal evolution and management funded by the EU, Spanish Government, and Autonomous Government of Catalonia, including ARTEMISA, PREVIMED, RIMA, RISTE and ARCO, and EU projects MEDDELT, FANS, WAVELAB, HYDRIV, HYDRALAB-II, DELOS, ECOSUD (led by CIIRC), WAVELABII, FLOODsite, AQUAS (led by CIIRC), HYDRALAB-III, MARIE, CIRCE, BAWAPLA, FIELD_AC, HYDRALAB-IV. Most of these projects have strong environmental components and some of them coordinated by CIIRC. It has also organised several international courses funded by the EU Commission in the MAST and Environment Programmes dealing with coastal dynamics, engineering and management and several international and national conferences. CIIRC is made up of a team of highly qualified professional staff (circa 30 postgraduate and/or PhD level researchers, 20 of which are fulltime researchers and 10 combine research tasks with lecturing), with sound experience and coming from different technical/scientific backgrounds.

Calle Jordi Girona 1-3
8034 Barcelona