Społeczna Akademia Nauk (Poland)

University of Social Sciences

Akronym: NAUK

Społeczna Akademia Nauk – (University of Social Sciences) is one of the leading private universities in Poland with 20.000 students and over 1500 academic staff, operating in 5 branches across Poland as well as in London, Paris and Dublin. There are 20 departments, including Management, Pedagogy, Psychology Sociology and IT studies. Some of specialisations within the Management and Pedagogics faculties include Psychology of Management and Vocational Counselling and Human Resource Strategies. One of our areas of expertise is also Psychology and Public Health which could also contribute to medical and psychological aspects of ageing. We also run post graduate studies on vocational counselling. Within our University there is a Centre for Self-Development (vocational counselling aimed at marginalised groups of the society) and an Academic Career Office with the role of vocational and career guidance. The University has been involved in several EU projects related to ageing. For example, the Grundtvig "CAFÉ in Europe – Civic Awareness For Elders in Europe" project; the Leonardo TOI "Career Plan 50+: Career plan for employees over 50 years"; and the Leonardo Partnership “A Sound Mind In A Sound Body". Our specialists are involved in a large Polish systemic project "Equal opportunities in the labour market for people 50+". Its primary objective is to promote economic activity of the age group 50+, as well as measures contributing to their extended activity in the labour market. For many years we have been involved in EU projects in the field of vocational guidance for example we led a TOI project "From school to Career". We have been also a partner in numerous projects about vocational guidance, including: - International Methods‘ Database for Vocational Orientation in Group Settings - Career Learning as a Success Factor for Lifelong Learning (CLL) - Career Plan 50+: Career plan for employees over 50 years - GUIDE ME! Guidance Quality Measures For Job-Seekers In Group Settings - Discrimination at work- Compendium for Career Counsellors” As a business school we pay a lot of attention to proper career guidance of students as well as increasing their potential in the market through developing entrepreneurial attitudes. Our didactics have been involved in numerous projects addressing entrepreneurship. A lot of our activities are directed also to improving key competences with the great focus to social skills, learning to learn and entrepreneurial skills. An example of our project addressing social skills is a LdV Partnership project that we finished last year: "LA.PE.CO Laboratory of personal competences - improving qualifications of teachers and trainers”. Our research fields are directly connected with vocational guidance, eLearning and ICT in education. There is IT Institute which is involved in designing of IT systems. Institute provides several study specializations, for example IT in Management or IT in Social Works. Thanks to our Polish Open Academy we offer study programmes via Internet as well. Our task is to support traditional lectures and trainings as well as promote modern teaching methods. We are competence centre for methodology, technology and organisation of eLearning. We have the capacity to provide state-of-the-art information technologies and methodological support to the project. As an educational organization our University promotes a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together researchers from a diversity of backgrounds (economics, humanities, engineering, etc.) Our University has potential to provide support (according to specific roles and tasks assigned within the consortium) to project’s activities having an immense expertise and experienced staff in respective field.


ul. Sienkiewicza 9
90113 Lodz