Central European Initiative - Executive Secretariat (Italy)

One of CEI’s objectives is to bring the countries of Central and Eastern Europe closer together and assist them in their preparation process for EU membership.

Akronym: CEI

Established in November 1989, the Central European Initiative (CEI) is the largest intergovernmental forum for regional cooperation. It encompasses 18 Member States of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, of which 10 EU and 8 non-EU Member States. In line with its main institutional mission, the CEI supports “regional cooperation for European integration” through a combination of multilateral diplomacy and fund/programme/project management. Indeed, in addition to serving as a platform for political dialogue, thus facilitating cooperative relations among its Member States, the CEI has developed a strong operational approach over the years. This working methodology entails two mutually reinforcing elements: the CEI is both a donor - providing resources from its own funds and instruments - and a beneficiary – participating, as both Lead Partner and Partner, in EU calls addressing its institutional and sector priorities. Moreover, the CEI provides for a peer-to-peer environment for exchanging knowledge and information, while bridging experiences and promoting synergies among various types of stakeholders. R&I cooperation is on top of the CEI agenda, with a specific interest in facilitating the links between science, academia and entrepreneurship, therefore promoting innovation, including social innovation, through “triple-helix cooperation”.


Via Genova 9
34100 Trieste


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