Public Foundation EnConsult (Kyrgyzstan)


Akronym: EnConsult

The Public Foundation EnConsult (EnConsult) is an independent, non-governmental organization located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan since 2007. The mission of EnConsult is to promote the sustainable use of energy and resources for Sustainable Development of Central Asia. The organization was formed by experienced energy and environment professionals with working experience in the field of energy efficiency, climate change and environment. The founders have broad client experience, including participation in projects funded by UNDP, WB, EBRD, USAID, EUTACIS and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. Currently EnConsult has 5 staff members. EnConsult aims to make a high quality practical and intellectual contribution to the fields it works in, and to promote equality of opportunity and sustainability in its own management practices and clients. EnConsult offers the following development cooperation related services in the fields of energy, environment: - Project identification and formulation; - Project implementation and management; - Training.