National Authority for Scientific Research in Romania (Romania)

Department of European Integration and International Cooperation

Akronym: ANCS

The National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) is the specialised organisation of the central public administration applying the strategies and programmes of the Romanian Government in the field of R&D and responsible with the implementation and promotion of the 7th Framework Programme in Romania.

ANCS exercises the following functions:

a) political - the function to present and harmonise the political viewpoint regarding the research-development and innovation field;

b) strategic - by which it strategically plans and ensures the elaboration and implementation of the policies in the field of research-development and innovation;

c) administrative - by which it forecasts, plans, assigns, monitors and evaluates the use of resources for the implementation of the policies in the field;

d) monitors, evaluates and controls the policies in the field of research, development and innovation;
e) elaborates the normative and methodological framework, functional, operational and financial framework in which the policies in the field are carried out;

f) communication both with the other structures of the public administration and with the civil society and the citizens;

g) international co-operation - which ensures the application of international agreements in the related field and the promotion of new agreements;

h) state authority – which ensures the monitoring and control of the settlements in its filed;

i) representing – which ensures, on behalf of the Government, its representation in national, regional and international bodies and organizations, as a state authority for its field.

The statute of National Authority for Scientific Research is settled by the Governmental Decision no. 1449/17th November 2005.


Str . Mendeleev, nr. 21-25, cod 010362, sector 1


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