Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (Malaysia)

Akronym: MOSTI

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) was formed in year 1973 and was first named as Ministry of Technology, Research and Local Government; however, in order to reflect the government's emphasis on science and technology (S&T), the Ministry was revamped and renamed in 1976 as the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. In year 2004, the Ministry was revamped and renamed again to its most influential and novelty term – MOSTI (Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Innovation).

The Ministry is looking forward “to create a conductive environment for the advancement of science and technology as a means of generating knowledge, wealth and raise the quality of life through sustainable development.” Therefore they are responsible to enhance Malaysia competency in S&T in order to increase nation competitiveness in global market while maintaining commitment towards environment management. Meanwhile, MOSTI is guided by their objectives, which is, promote an understanding, awareness and appreciation of S&T, promote research and development (R&D) in S&T fields, conserve and monitor the environment, and provide efficient technical and management support services.

The Ministry's efforts and initiatives in discharging its role and responsibilities are guided by a number of plans and policy documents. These include the Third Outline Perspective Plan (OPP3), Eighth Malaysia Plan (8MP), the Second Industrial Master Plan (IMP2), the National S&T Policy and the Technology Action Plan (TAP). From these numbers of plans and policy documents, MOSTI is playing an important role in realigned the country's economic growth strategy to achieve the development of a knowledge-based economy and also act as a facilitator by providing the necessary institutional framework and efficient services, as well as instituting supporting fiscal and financial incentives to private sectors. Furthermore, MOSTI is also a central to forge synergistic partnership amongst the various R&D players, from both public and private sectors, to strengthen the country's research and technological capacity and capability and focus on high-tech and knowledge-intensive activities aimed ultimately to transform Malaysia into a contributor besides being a consumer of knowledge and technology.




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