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Russian attack on the Ukraine
Restore peace!

ZSI has many professional contacts in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and has been able to make good friends here and there. We are all the more shocked by the ongoing violent events in the region...

ZSI joins a new European research action on China
The EC selected the Horizon Europe project "ReConnect China" with involvement of ZSI for funding

We are pleased to announce that the Horizon Europe project "ReConnect China: Generating independent knowledge for a resilient future with China for Europe and its citizens" with involvement of ZSI successfully...

Supporting the Green Deal and a fair transition

With this press release the European Science Foundations as coordinator and jointly with its partners inform about the "Launch of ACCTING - AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an Inclusive Green deal...

Launching mAkE - the African European Maker Innovation Ecosystem
Kicking-off the international partnership building under ZSI coordination

ZSI is coordinating the mAkE project - African European Maker Innovation Ecosystems.  In 3 years, starting from February 2022, the project aims to facilitate the collaboration between...

Der SEED-Hub Newsletter Nr. 3 steht zum Download bereit!
Aktivitäten zur Stärkung sozialer Unternehmen & Social Entrepreneurs in der Grenzregion SK/AT!

Die dritte Ausgabe berichtet über die kommende SEED-Hub Veranstaltungsserie, organisiert vom SEED-Hub Projektpartner Fachhochschule Burgenland (FHB): Soziale Unternehmer*innen schaffen den Spagat zwischen...

Making European research and innovation more socially responsible
Making research and innovation more inclusive, transparent and aligned with social needs is difficult in practice.

NewHoRRIzon developed approaches to foster responsible research and innovation. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is an approach which considers the social impacts of research and innovation...

Revenue Model for Open Hardware released
When talking about open source development, many ask “How do I make money if I give away my product for free?”.

Well, now you can find the answer in the new Revenue Model Catalogue from OPEN!NEXT; an easy-to-digest categorisation of the revenue streams of established Open Source Hardware businesses and the strategic...

Open Virtual Expert Café
The second Open Virtual Expert Café of the UNTANGLED project takes place on February 3rd between 2 and 3:30 CET

This is an open format driven by participants’ contributions. It can be a platform for you to promote an ongoing project or research, tap into attendants’ collective intelligence for a specific question...

'EU4TECH PoC' project has come to an end
ZSI applauds the successful technical assistance for ideas from the Western Balkans to move towards the market

This impressive project was implemented by a group of international experts under a contract with the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations of the European Commission (under...

RURAL SOCIAL INNOVATION Network launched at closing event of the CERUSI project
The project‘s outputs were presented on January 20th to raise awareness on rural social innovation in Central Europe

After a warm welcome, ZSI’s colleagues Wolfgang Haider and Dr. Stefanie Konzett-Smoliner gave an overview of the CERUSI project and policy implications of the Transnational Rural Social Innovation Strategy...

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