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15. Mai 2019
What are careables?
careables- open DIY healthcare solutions presented

we will be preseting careables during the upcoming Communities and Technologies 2019 Conference, which is taking place in Vienna, 3.-7. June 2019.  The event aims to stimulate scholarly debate...

STI Cooperation with Eastern Partnership Countries
Results from the Cooperation Barometer implemented in the EaP PLUS Project

A short video informs about the development of STI cooperation between Eastern Partnership Countries and the EU. You can watch it here!

Final networking event to support a social enterprise network an cooperation with traditional enterprises

On the 9th of May 2019 ZSI organised the 4th Austrian SENSES Stakeholder Meeting. It gave social entrepreneurs and representatives of traditional enterprises, CSR and supporting organisations the possibility...

Social sciences and Humanities in mission-oriented reseach
Guidelines available!

SSH-Guidelines for mission-oriented research & SSHintegration now available as old-fashioned print version If you want copies (it's a really nice folder), you can download them here.

Die Östliche Partnerschaft der EU braucht einen neuen Ansatz
Zum Europatag kommentiert Philipp Brugner im STANDARD das 10-Jahre-Jubiläum der Östlichen Partnerschaft der EU

Seit zehn Jahren gibt es die "Östliche Partnerschaft" der Europäischen Union, die zu einer vertieften Kooperation mit den Ländern in ihrer östlichen Nachbarschaft führen soll. Am 14. Mai lädt EU-Kommissionspräsident...

Vom 24. bis 26. April 2019 fand die International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) erstmals in Österreich statt.

350 TeilnehmerInnen aus 40 Ländern fanden sich zur Veranstaltung ein und stellten 245 Papers vor. Viele kamen von außerhalb Europas, etwa aus Chile, Argentinien, Kanada, USA, Ghana, Australien, Neuseeland...

100 Jahre Rotes Wien:
Diskussion zur Aktualität des Roten Wien

Auf Einladung der Museums-Kurator*innen (Georg Spitaler) der neuen Ausstellung im Wien Museum "Das Rote Wien.1919-1934" diskutierten die Stadtgeographin Yvonne Franz, der Aktivist und Experte für Wohnpolitik...

Stimulating science-business links: lessons from the Policy Support Facility
Article on the lessons from various PSF activities on “science-business links”

Science-business links (SBL) are an important element of research and innovation (R&I) policies in many countries and are high on the policy agenda of those trying to catch up with the EU’s innovation...

ResInfra@DR Know-how exchange forum on 22-23 May 2019 in Bratislava
Focusing on research infrastructures mutual activities in the Danube macro-region

ResInfra@DR project’s mission is to improve framework conditions for research infrastructures (RIs) and innovation in the Danube macro-region. One key objective of the project is to contribute to the ...

Measuring what matters to EU Citizens: Social Progress in European Regions - Deadline: 6 May

Policy makers, representatives of managing authorities, support service organisations, agencies, applied research associations, NGOs, and others who are actively engaged in tackling social progress issues...

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