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Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Guidelines on how to successfully design, and implement, mission-oriented research programmes

Despite tremendous progress that our societies have made in recent decades, equally challenging tasks remain. These societal challenges directly concern the way we interact with each other and our environment...

Event Review: S4D4C’s 1st Global Meeting took place in Madrid
International conference of researchers and practicioners discussed the links between science and foreign policy

by Alexander Degelsegger-Márquez A truly global community of science diplomacy scholars and practitioners met on the occasion of S4D4C’s 1st Global Meeting, which took place 12-14 December at the headquarters...

Mélange Diplomatique mit Philipp Brugner – Die Europäischen Jugendbotschafter
“Die Europäischen Jugendbotschafter – neue EU-Kommunikationsstrategien in der Östlichen Nachbarschaft”

Ponto - Grassroots Think Tank Austria ist ein neuer und vielversprechender Akteur in der Analyse von und Debattenbildung zu Europa- und aussenpolitischen Themen mit Sitz in Wien. Ponto bringt Ideen, Analysen...

Project Kick-off: ZSI to work on a pilot project on the Social Progress Index
Measuring what matters to EU Citizens: Social Progress in European Regions

The project is supported by DG Regional and Urban Policy and coordinated by Intrasoft International SA and involves further 5 partner institutions, among them ZSI. The kick-off with DG Regio took place...

21. Dez 2018
Watch this video!
Watch this video!
Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda – Valuation of SSH in mission-oriented research

The video about the Austrian EU Council Presidency Conference on 'Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda – Valuation of SSH in mission-oriented research', which was successfully...

ZSI Experten zur Gestaltung von Foresight-Prozessen im Bereich der internationalen Wissenschaftspolitik

Internationale Kooperation ist ein wesentlicher Aspekt gegenwärtiger wissenschaftlicher Wissensproduktion. Aus wissenschaftspolitischer Perspektive gibt es strategische Gründe, sowohl Kooperationsformen...

ZSI delivered last Social Innovation Training for Made in Danube
The event was partly filmed by Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)

Maribor – the 2018 European Capital for Social Economy - was the perfect place for organising the last Social Innovation Traning by Made in danube and to contribute to create a common understanding on...

SENSES 3rd Stakeholder Meeting – A lobby of social enterprises
On the 13th December 2018 ZSI organised the third Austrian SENSES Stakeholder Meeting.

Representatives from social enterprises, intermediary and expert organisations participated in the 3rd stakeholder meeting. Katharina Handler and Irina Vana from ZSI gave an overview on the ongoing project...

Katja Mayer, ZSI expert on Open Science, contributes to this international event organised by FFG

Open Science is of increasing importance in both Horizon 2020 and the upcoming framework-programme Horizon Europe. However, many ambiguities about what Open Science means and how it affects applicants...

Einreichfrist: 22. Jänner 2019

Die Ausschreibung richtet sich an Projektbetreiber/innen, die aktuelle soziale Probleme aufgreifen. Die Projekte müssen zum Einreichzeitpunkt bereits ausreichend umgesetzt, aber noch am Laufen sein. Einreichberechtigt...

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