Webinar: European Welfare States in Crisis? Labour Markets in Flux?

15. Feb 2023

The WeLaR project hosts its first webinar on 27 February, 2023, 2-3.15 pm.

Join the first webinar of the WeLaR project, which seeks to understand the impact of digitalisation, globalisation, climate change and demographic shifts on labour markets and welfare states in Europe. During the webinar we will introduce the project and discuss recent research results on welfare states and labour markets, with the participation of high-level discussants. 


  • Understanding the impact of digitalisation, globalisation, climate change and demographic shifts on labour markets and welfare states in Europe: a new Horizon Europe project - Karolien Lenaerts (HIVA Research Institute for Work and Society at KU Leuven)
  •  Policymaking in a state of permacrisis: can the EU uphold its social ambitions? - Bart Vanhercke (European Social Observatory);
  • Comment by Aída Ponce del Castillo (European Trade Union Institute) and open discussion 
  • Job quality gaps between migrant and native gig workers: evidence from Poland - Zuzanna Kowalik (Institute for Structural Research);
  • Comment by Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak (Warsaw School of Economics) and open discussion
  •  Engaging with applied research on labour markets and welfare states - Ursula Holtgrewe and Barbara Glinsner (ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation)


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