How to create better science communciation

15. Dez 2021

New blogpost by the TRESCA project on interim findings

Crises like COVID-19 can be an opportunity to reframe conversations around politics, research funding and governance. Promoting robust and transparent scientific and transdisciplinary methods, supported by an independent research environment, can prove a valuable strategy so that consensual, sustainable policies informed by science can bring public value.

A few clear conclusions stand out:

  • During recent months, the need for strong strategies to increase people’s awareness of the appropriate use of media sources and fact-checking became visible.
  • Public attitudes to science and technology are complex; therefore, it is necessary to open spaces for listening and dialogue.
  • When talking about digital science communications, we need to create new environments for new strategies.
  • One potential moment to overcome these challenges are the encounters between scientists and policy makers.

Here, we elaborate on these points, which were aired at the recent SCIENCE & YOU conference in Metz. There, one of the panel discussions featured TRESCA project partners from Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Sara Degli Esposti), Observa Science in Society (Giuseppe Pellegrini), Erasmus University Rotterdam (Marina Tulin) and the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna  (Gabor Szudi, Pamela Bartar).

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