CHERRIES launches Webinar series

14. Sep 2020

The fall will bring 4 Webinars about different aspects of Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems in European regions

The European healthcare sector is facing several challenges that are pushing for significant changes: aging population, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, access to healthcare services in COVID-19 era, just to mention a few.

In this changing and challenging times for the sector, responsible and participatory approaches to healthcare innovation can offer interesting reflections.

CHERRIES project organises a series of four webinars to explore some aspects that can contribute to shape  more inclusive, accessible and sustainable regional healthcare innovation ecosystems –  Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems:

  1. the demand driven and user-led approach to healthcare innovation;
  2. how RRI can mitigate the complexity of healthcare ecosystems;
  3. the role of procurement in healthcare innovation; and
  4. how regional smart specialisation strategies can shape more inclusive and efficient healthcare ecosystems.

Thought for a diverse audience, including academic players, innovation-active actors, intermediary organizations and regional and health policy actors, each session will see the valuable contribution of our Advisory Board Members and other European experts addressing the main topic from different perspectives.

We will count on them to better understand these dimensions of innovation in healthcare and to get concrete inputs from different European ecosystems:

  1. The role of need in open and user-led innovation approaches in healthcare – 22 September (15:30-16:30). Wouter Boon (University of Utrecht) and Myriam Martin (TicBiomed)
  2. RRI practices in healthcare – 29 September (14:30-15:30). Rosina Malgarida (IrisCaixa Barcelona) and Barbara Kieslinger (ZSI)
  3. The role of procurement in healthcare innovation – 06 October (14:30-15:30). Dr John Rigby (Bibliometica Ltd.) and Samuli Kauppinen (Oulu University Hospital)
  4. Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare – 13 October (14:30-15:30). Gaston Heimeriks (University of Leiden – CWST) and Anett Ruszanov (ERRIN)

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Please find a flye with futher information on the CHERRIES website.

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