DOIT at youth health conference

28. Jun 2019

What do students develop for other students? Come and see at the health youth conference in Schladming on 28 June.

On Friday 28th of June, ZSI will present a DOIT roll out activity that has been created by the after-school childcare kids of the Volksschule Gröbming at the youth health conference in Schladming. 
In the framework of the DOIT project, students were ask to develop some activity for other students. Finally the students developed a game that combines fitness and tricky questions on health combined with programming of an mBot as well as a Cubetto. Additionally a Calliope, a microcontroller that is programmed accordingly, replaces the ordinary dice. It is expected that approx. 400 students from the region of Liezen will have the chance to play this developed game. 

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