Become A Part of the SySTEM 2020 Map!

16. Apr 2019

You are a non-formal science learning activity? Become a part of the SySTEM 2020 map and make yourself visible!

19 organisations all around Europe are on a mission to map STEAM education outside the classroom in 24 countries as part of the SySTEM 2020 project. Little is known about science learning initiatives outside the classrooms while it is very important in educating and forming Europe’s next generation citizens. ZSI is part of this international team. We are creating a online data visualisation of non-formal science learning initiatives and want you to be part of it. The goal is to gain better understanding of the types and kinds of programmes in operation, the points of interaction and how to best respond to challenges ahead. As initiative you will gain access to the data gathered and visualised on the map, become part of a network of peers and gain visibility in this Europe wide network. The information gathered will be used in scientific research to ultimately advice and influence policy on both regional and European level. The ZSI team is specifically asking other Austrian initiatives for their contribution. Put yourself on the map here.


Mapping science learning outside the classroom in Europe with SySTEM 2020 from Makers of Waag on Vimeo.

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Tags: education, inclusion, science communication, scientific networks

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