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9. Mai 2018

Don't miss our breaking news on research infrastructures in the Danube Region

Our project mission is to improve framework conditions for research infrastructure in the Danube region. Therefore, ResInfra@DR facilitates enhanced transnational cooperation and a macro-regional scope of the sustainable development of research infrastructures.
This newsletter comprises two open calls aimed towards achieving these objectives and invites you to give feedback on our communication activities and/or to become a ResInfra@DR expert reviewer. Please find further details on these calls for participation in the following sections!
Moreover, this newsletter takes a glance at recently published documents on research infrastructure also at a European level and provides more project news to keep you updated!

The ResInfra@DR project is moving forward!

Read more: Newsletter Vol. 4 is available here...

Image source: Pixabay, Alexandra Koch, CCO and ResInfra@DR project

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