ResInfra@DR starts with Dialogue Workshops series

22. Aug 2017

Supporting mutual learning for improved Research Infrastructure in the Danube macro-region

In the end of August and the first half of September 2017 Budapest and Sofia will become venue for two Dialogue Workshops hosted by the ResInfra@DR project. These events are part of a series of five meetings organised to provide a fora for high level learning interactions addressed to policy-makers, research infrastructure (RI) managers, and practitioners. The Dialogue Workshops will deal with the EU-level co-ordination of RI development strategies, the national RI roadmaps as well as their macro regional dimensions. These discussions will focus on effective RI investment strategies and improved utilisation of existing RIs.

ResInfra@DR seeks to improve the current RI policy practices, as well as the scientific and socio-economic impacts of RIs by developing strategic guidance and recommendations derived from an intensive dialogue process involving key actors in the Danube macro-region. Therefore, ResInfra@DR facilitates mutual learning for the robust footing of RIs, the link up with long-term needs, interests and the engagement of relevant users. The targeted dialogue is going to result in guidelines for policy steering and implementing bodies, as well as RI operators to assist them in ex ante assessment of RI investments and RI impact analysis.

Glance at the Agenda
The upcoming workshop in Budapest (31st of August) will stress EU-level processes and analyse how the ESFRI process (and other EU initiatives) works, furthermore, will discuss National preparatory processes to collect recommendations to compile the ESFRI Roadmap and will share experience and lessons on the use of RIs on the ESFRI Roadmap by the partner countries.

This event is followed by another workshop in Sofia two weeks later (12th of September) where partners and experts will be invited to exchange experience and views on devising and implementing national RI Roadmaps in the Danube macro-region.

A detailed agenda of both events will be made available on the ResInfra@DR website.

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