Two new webinars coming up as part of the EaP Plus webinar series

26. Apr 2018

A webinar focusing on Energy within Horizon 2020 and another one exploring Impact Maximisation in R&I

As part of the EaP Plus initiative, two series of webinars regularly deliver new trainings. Each series has a different focus, the first one being articulated around the topic of Horizon 2020, and the second one placing Research Development and Innovation (RDI) at its centre.

This time, the third webinar of the Horizon 2020 series, called “Horizon 2020 calls on Energy with September 2018 deadlines”, will deal with basic issues and Energy (important deadlines in September 2018) within Horizon 2020. The webinar will be conducted by the experts of the Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU (IPPT PAN), in English.

Meanwhile, the fourth webinar of the Research Development and Innovation (RDI) series, called “Impact maximisation in R&I collaborative projects”, will concentrate on the meaning and the creation of Impact Maximisation viable strategies and will include real life case studies. The webinar will be held by Svetlana Klessova, Director and Senior Innovation Consultant at Inno TSD France, in English as well.

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