Starting the DO-IT project

23. Okt 2017

The kick-off meeting of the newly released project DO-IT will be held in Amsterdam from 30-31st of October.

The main objective is to design, develop and test on large scale a novel Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Programme for children and educators based on the effective combination and child-friendly application of the pedagogical principles of digital making education, of open innovation methods and of using leveraging technology for generating and scaling sustainable innovations in social business and traditional enterprises. Our target groups are young learners (6 to 10 years), older pupils (11 to 16 years), their educators and trainers as well as entrepreneurs who will share their experiences with these audiences (mentoring).

The DOIT toolboxes are designed for experiencing being a social innovator in mobile and fixed children-friendly maker spaces and are easily accessible at the interactive DOIT Web platform. Co-created with help of the Children’s Advisory Committee DOIT novel resources cover inspirational experimentation, design, prototyping and basic business modelling knowhow needed for sustainable product and service innovation.

The DOIT platform will provide an integrated platform and learning pathway, which will foster first experiences with entrepreneurial thinking, social innovation, and intergenerational and multidisciplinary work - the foundation for Europe’s future entrepreneurs. DOIT tests, demonstrates and validates this learning and personal development programme on a large scale within 10 diverse European countries (AT, BE, DE, DK, ES, FI, HR, NL, RS und SI) in cooperation with regional innovation labs, schools and business networks, addressing different topics.

The ZSI team will mainly be responsible for the evaluation of this project and the role out of several workshops with the respective target groups. If you or your school is interested to join, pl. get in contact with our project leader, Christian Voigt. 

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