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2. Nov 2018

We promote learning-by-doing based on experience and creative processes with maker spaces, fabrication and digital tools

Quote: "Funded within the H2020 programme, the project connects 13 educational institutions, fab labs, research centers and organizations  from 10 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain) in a common answer to the current challenges of reactive mindset, unemployment rates and skills mismatch and a common action towards the creation of a digital social innovation culture, higher youth employment, new markets, new jobs and happier lives.

The DOIT approach is focused on young learners (6 to 10 years), older pupils (11 to 16 years), their educators, trainers  and entrepreneurs  with the main goal to design, develop and test on large scale a novel social innovation and entrepreneurship education programme for children and educators based on the effective combination and child-friendly application of the pedagogical principles of digital making education, of open innovation methods and of using leveraging technology for generating and scaling sustainable innovations in social business and traditional enterprises."

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