ZSI delivers analysis on cooperation patterns between Brazil and the EU

16. Sep 2016

This report aims to identify difficulties that hamper an active Brazilian participation in the FP7 and H2020 programms.

This report aims to identify the major barriers and difficulties that hamper a more active Brazilian participation in the European Union’s FP7 and Horizon 2020 programms. It also discusses the incentives and motivations that could potentially increase the participation of Brazilian organisations. 

In conclusion, the report summarizes principle findings, and highlights some key recommendations for the policy makers involved within the framework of ongoing policy dialogue between the European Union and Brazil. 

The data demonstrates a clear need for awareness raising campaigns to inform Brazilian organizations of the opportunities for partnership that European Union projects represent, and the INCOBRA project stands as one such tool – designed to provide not only information and resources concerning EU upcoming projects, but to provide a fertile ground in which stronger bonds can begin to emerge between EU and Brazilian stakeholders.

The research also concludes that the current state for organizational support in applying for EU projects is already a choke point for future collaborations. By highlighting such structural pressure points, the INCOBRA project is positioned to help partner organizations forge support networks for international projects. Through INCOBRA meetings and network building, it is intended to support participants to enable them to find appropriate peers and mentors who can assist one another in overcoming the challenges of the tender process.

English version of the full report is available here.



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