Preliminary Outcomes of the Eureka Danube Initiative (E!DI) Call 2015

25. Jun 2015

The E!DI Call 2015 closed on June 17, 2015 and was facilitated by the Danube-INCO.NET project.

The E!DI Call 2015 intended to finance industry driven research and development projects in which the project partners are collaborating to realise a new, innovative product, process or service across the Danube Region. In december 2014, at a joint EUREKA and Danube-INCO.NET meeting in Austria, the final details for this EUREKA Danube Region multilateral call had been discussed and the call has been finally launched on March 9, 2015 and extensively disseminated also through Danube-INCO.NET.

Preliminary information on both participation of organisations and submitted project proposals is now available.

Already the provisional data on participation and submitted project outlines (POs), which were made available on May 4, had confirmed strong interest by the S&T community of the Danube Region towards multilateral R&I project collaboration. These results had indicated great participation from Serbia and Romania in particular, followed by Hungary and Austria as well.

From April 30 onward, 12 additional proposals (who had not participated in the project outline phase) have been submitted whilst 3 project outilines (POs) have been withdrawn by the participants, and 44 POs have not submitted a full proposal (while some of these will however submit later). In total participants in the E!DI Call 2015 were 190 with 53 submitted Full Proposals. Most of proposals come from Romania and Hungary, followed by Serbia, Germany and Austria.

These are encouraging preliminary results showing that the macro-regional format is well received by the business R&D community.

Find below a presentation of E!DI Call preliminary results.

Good luck to the participants in view of funding applications and evaluation by the national funding bodies !



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