SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN pre-cluster meeting in Brussels

9. Apr 2014

Selected meeting results are available on twitter #SustainEuAsean.

The SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN project has successfully held its second pre-cluster meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The project invited relevant EU funded research initiatives working in climate action, resource efficiency, and raw materials to identify their interests and needs for co-operation with similar research projects from Southeast Asia. ZSI was co-organising the event and was responsible for animating and moderating discussions identifying potential synergies in the research carried out by the various projects.

The presentations and discussions in the meeting helped SUSTAIN to sharpen and refine its focus. Taking the feedback from the research projects into account, SUSTAIN will support two thematic clusters: one bringing together environment research focusing on cities and urban space; and one grouping projects investigating organic and non-organic resources and materials. Some of the meeting results are available on twitter #SustainEuAsean.

Both areas, sustainable city development and resource use, are very hot topics for both ASEAN and the EU., Both regions will face dynamic and rapidly growing cityscapes in the coming decades. These future cities will depend heavily on a sustainable supply with water, food, energy, and other resources ensuring good life-quality. At the same time, it is imperative to manage ASEAN countries’ resource supplies to ensure sustainable use and exploitation.

The meeting in Brussels was the second of two pre-cluster meetings, the first one taking place in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this year. The next step will be a cluster and networking meeting for research projects from both regions held back-to-back with the ASEAN Science and Technology Week in August 2014 in Bogor, Indonesia.

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