NanOpinion at "Wiener Forschungsfest"

6. Okt 2013

About 12.000 participants visited this science communication event

When ZSI participated at the “Wiener Forschungsfest" (festival of science in Vienna) 14 – 17th of September 2013, we presented the NanOpinion project and introduced the online questionnaire, also available in German. On Monday morning mainly teachers with school classes visited the festival. Teachers were very interested in getting good materials for their lessons and having access to accurate and up to date information on nanotechnologies, all at one source as it is the case of the NanOpinion repository:

Many people already heard about Nanotechnologies, but have no clear understanding yet. They are open to find out more on nanotechnologies and once they are introduced to the topic, willing to participate in the questionnaire as well. Filling in the questionnaire not necessarily has to take place on the spot, but can also be done on mobile phones or tablets later on via the mobile application:

NanOpinion is already in its second year and many outreach activities already have been taken place. Check our blog on current activities and preliminary findings:

Please find more details on the Wiener Forschungsfest 2013 (in German) here...

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