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COVID-19 Studien bei AUSSDA mit ZSI-Beteiligung
European Future Forum of the European Youth Parliament Austria on the role of science for the EU
ZSI experts discuss engaging and trustworthy science communication
ZSI provides first training for Citizen Science Initiatives in the StepChange project
ZSI organises a Conference Track at the 1st Global Transdisciplinarity Conference
21. September 2021 - 21. Okt 2021
Science Diplomacy Training for COST researchers
2 day training event under the umbrella of the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance
... : Fulfilling the Horizon Europe requirements and beyond!" organised by the WBC-RRI.NET project
Challenges and results of a participatory project aiming at the development of age friendly communities
Workshop at the Citizen Science Association Conference
Opening event of the IntelComp project
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