S4D4C at the European Research Days 2020

Discussing about science diplomacy at the Australia & New Zealand Edition of #ERD2020

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Datum: 27. November 2020

On November 27, S4D4C participates in the European Research Days 2020 (#ERD2020) Australia & New Zealand edition.

The European Research Days are organized by EURAXESS Worldwide which is a platform on researchers’ mobility present in several countries and regions (Australia & New Zealand, Latin America and the Caribbean, China, India, Japan, Korea, North America, ASEAN). The Australia & New Zealand sessions are organized together with the Delegation of the European Union to New Zealand and the Delegation of the European Union to Australia in the context of the #ERD2020. These sessions runs for a total of three days from the 25 to the 27 November addressing various topics in various formats: ‘High-level’ sessions are planned together with ‘highlights’ and ‘special’ sessions ensuring a diversity of stakeholders and topics. The special session of the last day of the event is hosted by the ZSI-coordinated project S4D4C, led by Elke Dall. In this panel, the S4D4C partners discuss several facets of science diplomacy.


Chairperson: Ms Elke Dall, S4D4C Project Coordinator, Centre for Social Innovation

07:30 CET       Official Welcome and Introduction   

07:50 CET       Roundtable: What Is Science Diplomacy?

The panel will discuss three aspects: Conceptual Definitions, Evolution of the Concept and Strategies and the role of the ‘science diplomat’.

08:30      Final remarks and End of the session

More information on registration and the programme can be found here; AGENDA, REGISTRATION.

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Organisator: EURAXESS Australia and New Zealand

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