Report on the Situation of Young Adults not in Employment, Education, or Training

Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

The rates of 25+ NEET vary quite extensively, from low to high. While there are many studies examining the factors that determine NEET status among 15-24 year olds, little or no research has been done on the factors that lead 25-29 year olds to become NEETs. However, not only the potential factors that may determine the NEET status of those over 25 years are insufficiently researched, but also the situation of these individuals in general. This report aims firstly to shed light on the situation of NEETs over 25 in Europe, and secondly to examine individual (e.g., family background and living situation) and systemic factors (e.g., rural/urban, education, economy and labour market) that might influence the NEET status. This report specifically addresses the situation of 25+ NEETs in 13 European countries that are part of the Lost Millennials project. The report looks in detail at the family and educational backgrounds, employment histories, and specific risk factors of 25+ NEETs, providing essential information on the characteristics and challenges of 25+ NEETs.

The report is freely available below as well as on the Lost Millennials website and on Researchgate.

Authors: Koller, K., Tschank, J., Vana, I., Wolter, S.


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Category: Projektberichte

Publication Date: 2022

Procurement: Online (download)