TAAFE - Report on age friendliness in the Alpine Space

Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

The report focuses on current policy tools and practices in the Alpine space, which support the development of age-friendly communities as well as on visions of age-friendliness and common challenges. It covers information on existing legal frameworks, strategies, plans and networks in  Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia as well as selected networks in the European Union and on international level. It also presents selected best practice examples and gives information on the implementation of existing strategies.

Download: Handler, Katharina; Vana, Irina; Spitzer Sonja: Report on age-friendliness in the Alpine Space. Deliverable D-T.4.1.3, TAAFE (Towards an Age-friendly Environment), with contributions by: Felix Buss, Adele De Stefani, Ingrid Dromard,Sandra Evans Marta Grčar,Ursula Holtgrewe, Wolfgang Michalek, Thibauld Moulaert, Tine Roth, Alen Sajtl Markus Trämer, Alenka Ogrin; Vienna: ZSI 2000.

Authors: Handler, K., Spitzer, S., Vana, I., Katharina Handler Irina Vana Sonja Spitzer

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Category: Projekt Outputs

Publication Date: 2020

Procurement: Online (download)