Work and Equal Opportunities


Towards an Alpine Age - Friendly Environment

T.A.A.F.E aims at enhancing the capacities of public authorities and service providers in the Alpine Space to develop sustainable age-friendly environments.

A growing ageing population and increasing number of isolated older people demand new approaches and political commitment. Therefore, the WHO developed the concept of sustainable age-friendly environments (AFE), using an integrative approach to optimize the social and physical environments and promote active, healthy ageing and participation in society. The T.A.A.F.E. project uses this concept to build a participatory framework - T.A.A.F.E. model - for developing an age-friendly environment and an improved delivery of services in the Alpine Space (AS).

ZSI is leading a work package on strategy development. Moreover, ZSI  will be the methodological part of a Trio, to train municipalities in using participatory methods and developing age friendly services.

Watch the video that explains the T.A.A.F.E model as an innovative framework for deploying an age friendly environment: TAAFE_motiongraphic_HQ.mp4


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities



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Tags: ageing society, demographic change, equal opportunities, urban development

Type: Research

Program: Interreg Alpine Space ; ERDF-Contribution: 187.210,33 Euro

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 10/2019 - 06/2022

Project Duration: 33 months

Website: ... t-a-a-f-e/

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