Improving the Effectiveness of Georgia’s Research and Innovation System through Prioritisation, Selectivity of Funding and Science-Business Links

Section: Research Policy & Development

The final report of the PSF Specific Support to the Georgian government builds on the analysis done by the independent panel of experts, their discussions, and feedback from national stakeholders about the problems in the predefined focus areas: prioritisation, selectivity of funding and science-business links. The experts’ policy messages are summarised around four groups of issues: Coordination, Concentration, Collaboration and Coherence.

Rapporteur of the panel was ZSI collaborator Manfred Spiesberger. The report and related documents can be downloaded from the following website:


Authors: Spiesberger, M., Krzysztof Gulda, Michael Schlicht, Maria Nedeva


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Tags: Georgia, innovation systems analysis, research and innovation policy, research policy

Category: Online

Publication Date: 2018

Procurement: Online (download)