The Lisbon Social Innovation Declaration - Social Innovation as a path to a sustainable, resilient and inclusive Europe

Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

EU policymakers are negotiating Europe’s next long-term budget. Sign the #SIDeclaration today to tell them that Europe needs innovation to benefit everyone.

The Social Innovation Community / SIC calls on the EU to build on the world-leading practices established over the last decade and make social innovation a core part of its strategy to achieve a “social triple A” for Europe. The Social Innovation Community has identified five priorities that Europe should address. They include:

  1. Making funding suitable for small-scale experimentation, spreading and scaling impact 
  2. Enabling citizens and civil society to lead local change initiatives through community-led innovation 
  3. Strengthening the capacity, skills and incentives for public officials and policymakers to support and draw on (citizen-led) social innovation 
  4. Making public procurement an instrument of social innovation policy 
  5. Prioritising the spreading of social innovation to regions where it is needed most

Endorse the declaration here.



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