Nanotechnologies. A Subject for Public Debate.

Section: Technology and Knowledge

NanOpinion, which began in May 2012, was a 30 month project to investigate how opinion on this new generation of technologies is shaped, and how to inform public debate and enhance education. Our project included surveys, social media, school activities and new street labs and monitoring stations. Our analysis draws on 8,330 questionnaires, as well as data from workshops attached to the streetlabs, and reports from teachers and monitoring stations. We also built a web gateway to materials on risks and benefits of nanotechnologies. And other strands of the project developed new materials for use in schools, including online curriculum modules and virtual experiments, and ran teachers’ workshops. This effort yielded a wealth of data to help plan future public engagement on nanotechnologies. In this booklet we present the main findings and their implications.

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Authors: Handler, K., Marschalek , i., Marschalek ilse, Hofer Margit, Handler Katharina NanOpinion editorial board


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Tags: nanotechnology

Category: Projekt Outputs

Publication Date: 2014

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