Korea and Europe - Meeting through science, 2nd Edition

Exploring the opportunities of R&D cooperation with KORANET

Section: Technology and Knowledge

The book reviews the current cooperation practices and possibilities of science, technology and innovation (STI) cooperation between the European Union / the EU member states and Korea.

It presents the main features of the Korean and European S&T systems and updated statistics in order to promote understanding of the differences and similarities of the research landscape. The 2nd edition of “Korea and Europe – Meeting through science” sets out information relevant to European and Korean research stakeholders by providing an overview of the variation in S&T strategies and policy instruments used in Korea and in European countries, an analysis of the existing networks and clusters as well as the results of the SWOT analysis of the current cooperation practices. KORANET has met the growing interest of the research community by supporting excellent research projects in two joint calls focusing on the areas of life-long health and green technologies, which are also briefly described in the book as well as other selected activities and achievements. Proposals for further joint actions which have been widely discussed in a participatory foresight exercise are presented in the final chapter.

Authors: Dall, E., Scheck, J., Marion Steinberger, Hans Westphal (Eds.)


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Category: Bücher

Publication Date: 2013

Procurement: Online (download)