Research Policy & Development

Co-ordination office of the Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office in Brno

"ASO" in the Czech Republic

The Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Brno (ASO Brno) has been established on behalf of the then Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and aimed at intensifying scientific co-operation between Austrian and the Czech Republic.

At the beginning of January 2005, the ZSI expanded the existing network of the Austrian Science and Research Liasion Offices (ASOs) Ljubljana and Sofia with the ASO Brno. The project was carried out in close cooperation with the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University and lasted until 2008. The director of ASO Brno was Ms. PhDr. Irena Čornejová.

Responsibilities of the ASO Brno were:

  • Gathering information about research priorities and funding opportunities of the host country for cooperation projects
  • Cooperation in regional initiatives
  • Networking of science actors
  • Use of contacts from bilateral and multilateral cooperation
  • Advice and preparation of scientific contacts and cooperation, especially with regard to EU research activities
  • Public relations, etc. organization of an annual Austrian Research Day, presentation of Austrian science and educational institutions as well as Austrian research initiatives and programs and tenders
  • Policy advice

Results: The ASO implemented several calls for proposals and widely shared information about the Czech RTDI funding system, created networks leading to joing projects and linked Austrian and Czech researchers with each other.


Section: Research Policy & Development


Tags: internationalisation

Type: Networks

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 09/2004 - 03/2008

Project Duration: 43 months