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ERA Portal Austria is a knowledge-sharing platform providing information on EU-related research policy and its implementation in Austria and in Europe. In this context it supports decision-making by providing strategic intelligence. In addition, ERA Portal Austria serves as a promotion platform for Austrian initiatives in Europe. provides an internet-based information and networking platform aiming at supporting the preparation and implementation of the European Research Area and the EU-Framework Programmes for RTD in Austria.

The idea of the European Research Area and, later on, the proposal for 6th Framework Programme for RTD - as its most important instrument for implementation were presented by the European Commission in the years 2000/2001. These new concepts broke with the past and brought substantial changes for the national RTD system. New instruments (Integrated Projects, Networks of Excellence) were introduced and caused new demands on capacities and infrastructures, especially for smaller countries like Austria.

To cope with these challenges a comprehensive information and communication system for all stakeholders in Austria involved in EU-Research was needed. Therefore the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (now: Ministry for Science and Research, BMWF) authorised ZSI to elaborate a specific information and communication tool which should contribute to a successful participation of Austria in the EU-Framework Programmes for RTD and a further integration of Austrian research activities in the European Research Area by - dissemination of information material - supporting the national discussion processes and strategy-building activities - networking of actors working in the context of EU-research.

After a six year period is well established and became an essential tool for coordinating EU-research policy in Austria.


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Tags: European Research Area, internationalisation

Type: Networks

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 09/2006 - 12/2012

Project Duration: 76 months