Research Policy & Development

Frontrunner Strategy 2020

Support the Austrian Federal Government through analysis and operational activities

Major aim of the project "Frontrunner Strategy 2020" was to support the Austrian government through a series of analytical and operative tasks. These included:

  • recording, saving, and analysing data and documents (especially of legal nature) in context with the planned R&I strategy to establish a sound decision making basis
  • elaboration of the collected and analysed material in way of client-tailored policy briefs, opinions, and expertise, as well as direct face-to-face communication in discussion and decision-making processes
  • operative administration support (especially for the General Director) in national, European, and international projects which have an added value for the development and implementation of the "Frontrunner Strategy 2020" and its accompanying measures


  • Mag. Adrian Csik, M.E.S. (project leader)

Section: Research Policy & Development

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Tags: Austria, policy analysis, policy recommendations, social network analysis

Type: Policy Advice

Submission Date: 08/2008

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 09/2008 - 12/2012

Project Duration: 52 months