Work and Equal Opportunities

Social innovation in private companies

Analysis of cases of social innovations in 24 Austrian companies

The initiators of the SozialMarie contest, which awards prizes for social innovations to social organisations, public administrations and private companies, assigned the ZSI with the implementation of a study on the specific form, meaning and application of 'social innovations' in the commercial sector.
At the initial phase the study focused on the existing literature on social innovation, elaborating a theoretical concept, which also refers to the specific characteristics of social innovations in private companies.
On the basis of the theoretical concept an interview-guideline was developed and eventually interviews with representatives of Austrian private companies were conducted. The interviews investigated the perception and definition of social innovations in the companies and types of social innovations, which are already implemented. The final report contrasts the results from the literature research and the interview analysis, providing new insights and relevant topics for further research.

Working steps:
- Elaboration of a theoretical concept of 'social innovation'
- Development of interview guidelines on the basis of the concept
- 24 interviews with representatives of Austrian private companies
- Analysis of the interviews and presentation of the results


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

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Tags: social innovation

Type: Research

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 09/2007 - 01/2008

Project Duration: 5 months