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Evaluation of the "Experiencing Europe" project

Project evaluation in Serbia

The three-year Project "Experiencing Europe: Serbian Young Professionals in Austria - Zoran Đinđić Internship Programme" was designed and implemented by the Zoran Đinđić Fund, prepared and implemented by WUS Austria and financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). It aimed at the overall objective of supporting the socio-economic development of Serbia by increasing the employability of the Serbian youth on the one hand and their understanding of the European integration on the other.

ZSI was contracted to

  • assess the relevance of the activities relative to the target group, recipient and donor (including analysis and comments on the LFM)
  • evaluate the project´s effectiveness (input/output analysis)
  • measure the efficiency of the undertaken activities
  • collect information about wanted, but also about unwanted impacts of activities
  • assess the project´s sustainability
  • assess the take-up of horizontal issues such as gender and the participation of disadvantaged persons.

The main output was a final mid-term evaluation report, structured according to the “DAC criteria for Evaluating Development Assistance” formulated by the OECD. The mid-term evaluation was aimed at ensuring the accountability of the implementation and of the future development of the overall project. The evaluation enabled WUS Austrian and ZDF to critically reflect with an external independent view the past undertakings within the project and support the improvement of further undertakings.


Section: Research Policy & Development

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Tags: evaluation, Southeast Europe

Type: Research

Program: OEZA

Submission Date: 04/2010

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 05/2010 - 07/2010

Project Duration: 3 months