Cooperation Partners

Arterra Bizimodu (Spain)

“Arterra Bizimodu” is an association whose objectives are to create a living space to experience sustainability in aspects of the ecology, the economy, socially and culturally

Towards this end, the development and realization of training courses aimed at the dissemination of this lifestyle. With this in mind, we are developing: -a living project based on a cohousing model. -various agroecology and organic gardening projects, focusing on food sovereignty. -research projects in economics through a complementary currency -a social experiment in governance based on Sociocracy. - a training space to develop new skills and the dissemination of tools towards a new way of life -an economic lifestyle model to provide solutions to the crisis, with a low cost co-housing and the implementation of an internal social currency in the Ecovillage. These projects are all based at an old rural hotel in Artieda, a village in Navarra (Spain). Artieda is a small village with a regular population of about 40 people. It is mainly a farming village, part of the Urraul Bajo valley, a regional council that brings together and administers the villages of the valley. Arterra Bizimodu currently consists of 38 adults and 17 children, as well as a regular team of about five volunteers. Activities focus on the project itself, on restoring the place and re energising the adjacent lands. It is a complex consisting of two main buildings housing sports and leisure facilities, as well as 64 full apartments on the upper floors. The “Urraul Bajo” valley in which Artieda is situated, has a tendency towards depopulation as young people in particular are emigrating to the cities. Job opportunities are scarce and the region ś agricultural model consists mostly of cultivating large, rain fed tracts of land. We have undertaken a way of life, which is generally known as an Ecovillage in the international environments and networks within which we participate. We started to inhabit the building in March 2014 and began immediately to live out our express desire as an association, to collaborate in the shift of our society towards a sustainability model, regarding it as a whole that affects all four dimensions which underpin our Ecovillage livelihood namely the Ecology, the Economy, Community and Culture.