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Knowledge, Education and Science - Zona (Montenegro)

NPO in Montenegro supporting the knowledge society

Acronym: ZONA

ZNANJE, OBRAZOVANJE I NAUKA-ZON-A, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION AND SCIENCE (ZONA) is a non-profit organization created in 2015, and whose goals are the development of a knowledge society through the affirmation of education, science and technology - along with the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens and creating a prosperous society. The way of working of ZONA is focused on excellence and on the network of selected experts with whom it works on various projects. In this way, ZONA ensures a high level of project success and quality of final results. ZONA has proven expertise in project management and in the generation of innovative ideas in the field of social and technological entrepreneurship. As an organization, ZONA has the infrastructural, technological and human resources to carry out projects, and it has successfully collaborated with other organizations to achieve their common goal. The vision of ZONA can be summarised in Knowledge, education and science for the future, while its mission refers to the development of the educational and research system in order to put the acquired knowledge into practice through innovation and technological entrepreneurship. The main areas of activity are dedicated to for example: the digital economy - the application of ICT in all areas of business, especially in tourism and education in the field of technological entrepreneurship and support for the development of startups.

81000 Podgorica


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