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Institute of Market Problems and Economic-Ecological Researches of NASU (Ukraine)

Institute of the National Academy of Sciences Ukraine based in Odessa


The strategic goals of research and development aim at the formation of the Institute of Market Problems and Economic-Ecological Researches of NAS Ukraine (IMPEER NAS Ukraine) of the applied scientific foundation of innovative strategy and tactics of sustainable socio-economic development of Ukraine, new system solutions and software tactical nature to enhance the competitiveness of Ukraine's economy.

Scientific research of the Institute is largely practised in solving problems of maritime transport; innovations problems of an open economy, the economic and environmental problems of environmental management in coastal (especially on the territory of Ukrainian Black Sea and the Ukrainian Danube), regions.


  • Theory and Methodology of restructuring economic systems, the formation mechanisms of institutional and innovation transformations in the economy;
  • The policy of institutional and organizational reforms and the formation of economic relations in the sphere of nature and environmental safety;
  • Strategy and mechanisms for strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian Black Sea region (on SMEs particular)

The Institute was realized focal point for the development of economic and environmental and social aspects of circuit protection and rational use of water resources in the Danube region; Also, the draft State Programme of socio-economic development of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast, which was synthesized understanding of the specific mechanisms of innovation development of all sectors, combined with the implementation of national reforms in Ukraine.

The Institute was among the first in Ukraine to raise questions about the policy of open economy as one of the most important strategic directions of development of the country, proposed the concept of creation of free economic zones as one of the possible forms of a real general theory of open economy with specific socio-economic conditions in Ukraine.




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