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Fondazione Giannino Bassetti (Italy)

Bassetti Foundation

Acronym: Bassetti

The Giannino Bassetti Foundation is the outcome of the desire of the Bassetti family to honour and commemorate the memory of the "Cavaliere del Lavoro" Giovanni Bassetti, an entrepreneur of particular capabilities and merits. Their aim was to promote reflection, studies, wide-spread activities through which to exalt the value of those qualities of entrepreneurialism, innovation, moral and social commitment that were largely attributed to him. Indeed Giovanni Bassetti was not an entrepreneur of mere economic success - his commitment is characterized, above all, by his entrepreneurial choices and by his sincere acceptance of the moral belief which guided him. Reflecting and encouraging people to reflect on the significance of his testimony, concurring to review the most profound intuitions and motivations in cultural, social, contemporary political conditions - this is the essential starting point of the Foundation's work programme. The base hypothesis is this: "Innovation is the ability to achieve the improbable" and "the entrepreneurial innovation is the innovation carried out within the sphere of business institutions". These major points of reflection will be discussed, in particular, by scientists, men of social and political culture, entrepreneurs, the young, organizing a series of seminar reflections in befitting ways and places. The line of research would appear to fall into 3 categories: 1) Research, theoretical for the most part. This deals with the significance of concepts and implications. 2) Research of a prevailing ethical nature. This deals with the moral implications of entrepreneurial innovations, either already introduced or simply as a hypothesis. 3) Research on the mechanisms in which the power is wielded and on the mechanisms of responsibility, both of which regulate the implementation of innovations in an advanced capitalist society.


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