Cooperation Partners

Association European Studies for Innovative Development of Georgia (Georgia)

The association ESIDG is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Georgia

Acronym: ESIDG

It was founded in 2009 and unites currently about 60 professors and researchers from a number of Georgian universities, as well as representatives of some public research organizations and small business associations (including farmers and women organizations). ESIDG declares the following activities and goals:

  • Study of EU, as well as world R&D&I policies and utilization of findings in Georgia
  • Study and monitoring of the R&D&I sphere in Georgia and elaboration of policy recommendations (including on the improvement of EU Eastern Partnership Programme)
  • Enhancing awareness of R&D&I processes in Georgian society
  • Elaboration of communication schemes for discrete groups, e.g. academics, students, government, NGOs, etc.


ESIDG is an R&D&I policy research center, as well as a forum for researchers and other parties interested in R&D&I policy issues. It is an independent think tank with most of activities related to policy relevant research and advocacy.

ESIDG researchers are covering a wide range of R&D&I policy issues and following developments in the field in EU, immediate neighborhood and the post-socialist area. They are members of advisory councils to a number of Georgian authorities (Parliament of Georgia, State Minister on European Integration, etc.). The policy advising documents targeted to the Government’s needs are regular products of ESIDG.

ESIDG is chairing a) the Working Group “Economic integration” of the EaP CS Georgian National Platform and b) NGO coalition “Innovation Georgia”. The ESIDG chairman is the Deputy Chair of the Innovation Council under Parliament of Georgia.


0179 Tbilisi