Cooperation Partners

Center for the Promotion of Science (Serbia)

Promoting science and technology in Serbia

Acronym: CPN

The Center for the Promotion of Science is a public institution established by the Law on Scientific Research, with the aim of promoting science and technology. The Center, according to its legal mandate, cooperates with research and educational institutions (universities, research centres and schools) in Serbia and worldwide, working closely with government ministries, as well as with the media and the private sector. It has already participated in many projects that promote science and raise awareness of the importance of research and innovation for overall development. The Center has organised several teacher trainings and trainings for science communicators and science journalists and has developed an extensive network of partners for science promotion. The Center also provides grants for science communication and promotion. The topic of RRI is of great importance to its activities and takes an important place on its agenda of priorities. The Center has also cooperated with several partners in the region of Southeast Europe and is currently a partner in EU funded FP7 and Comenius projects. The Center has so far organised many workshops, interactive exhibitions, public debates, teachers’ and professional trainings on topics ranging from mathematics, robotics, nuclear physics, life sciences and traffic to bioethics, science journalism, science related gender issues, science basking and inquiry based science learning. In 2012, for instance, programmes had an audience of more than 800,000 visitors and participants. All programmes were implemented in cooperation with the scientific community and professionals in respective fields. The web portal is the biggest popular science portal in the Balkans ( Partners in this project also have extensive experience in topics relevant for this call and have been invited as local partners, including one of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts most prestigious institutes (SASA Mathematical Institute) and a major Serbian university - University of Belgrade, that both have a role, not only in research and education, but also in governance of research and innovation. The Center for the Promotion of Science also cooperates, on a daily basis, with the Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development as its main RRI policy development and implementation actor. Furthermore, in order to obtain insights from gender perspective and to stress the importance of gender in RRI we have invited the Women’s Government of Serbia, a civil society organisation to join the consortium. Their mission is to promote women scientists and female experts in various fields. Also, as ethics plays a crucial role in understanding and introducing RRI we have involved University of Belgrade’s Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory. All local partners are, according to their formal mandate and mission, active in formal and/or informal science education.


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