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EXPERIMENTARIUM (Denmark) (Denmark)

Experimentarium is a Science Communication Centre and an activity centre for nature, technology, the environment and health.


Since opening in January 1991 over 7 million visitors have enjoyed Experimentarium’s exhibitions and special programmes. Annually 380,000 guests visit Experimentarium. The aim of Experimentarium is to promote interest in natural science and technology with a specific focus on children and young people. Experimentarium reaches out to all of Denmark with a variety of courses, conferences, science shows and demonstrations communicating and teaching science and also publishes educational and web-based material covering different scientific topics. The Centre has participated in a number of European projects – all focusing on promoting science knowledge and interest to the public and/or educational institutions and is experienced in creating events and public debates involving the engagement of different stakeholders. Experimentarium is in the midst of establishing an innovation centre that is to be a hub for knowledge sharing and innovation processes in Denmark – especially regarding science communication and science knowledge. The Centre already leads a national network called “Innovation Match” which is a model for networking across sectors. This involves independent institutions and companies, where the core target is to jointly discuss, analyse and solve members' challenges and thereby create growth and innovation. This network model seeks to test new network models that take advantage of the meeting between people with different skills and from different industries. Experimentarium also participates in the network with members. Finally the Centre plays an active role in Ecsite participating in the annual conference, in European funded projects together with Ecsite, as well as at the annual Directors’ Forum. Experimentarium’s Director was the former president of Ecsite.


Tuborg Havnevej 7
2900 Hellerup