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Foundation for Polish Science (Poland)

Supporting science in Poland

Acronym: FPS

Foundation for Polish Science (FPS), formed in 1991, is an independent, self-financing, non-profit, nongovernmental organization, with a mission of supporting science in Poland. It is the largest source of science funding in Poland outside the state budget. The main objectives of FPS are to support excellent scientists and research teams, to facilitate technology transfer and to support various investment initiatives serving science in Poland. The Foundation realizes these objectives by awarding individual prizes and scholarships to scientists, awarding grants for the modernization of scientific facilities and the protection of scientific collections, grants for the transfer of scientific achievements to industry, otherwise supporting important undertakings in the service of science (e.g. through conferences and publishing programmes). The Foundation also plays an increasingly active role in supporting international scientific cooperation, taking actions to facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas, and increasing the scientific independence of the younger generation of scientists. Apart from its core activities Foundation for Polish Science (FPS) has been involved in various activities aimed at bridging the gap between scientific community and society. Since 1996 FPS organizes conferences to discuss issues of great importance not only for the scientific community but also for other stakeholders. By this means the FPS creates links between researchers, decision making circles, industry and entrepreneurs as well as broader audience. FPS actively participated in the recent (2011) debates on the reform of research funding system in Poland and . Together with other institutions it supports cooperation between scientists and representatives of other important areas of life e.g. by organizing events within the frames of “arts & science”. FPS also actively encourages its beneficiaries/researchers to communicate results of their research to the public and offers them tailor-made trainings to enhance their communication skills. FPS is a member of the European Foundation Centre (EFC).


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