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Fondazione Cariplo (Italy)

Fondazione Cariplo is a private foundation of banking origin

Acronym: CARIPLO

It was officially established in December 1991, following the privatisation of Italian Savings Banks as per the Amato-Carli Act. The Foundation is based in Milan and operates prevailingly as a grant making organisation within four main sectors: Arts and Culture, Environment, Social Welfare and Scientific Research. Since 1991 the Foundation has awarded grants totalling approximately €2 billion (an average of €190 million and over 1,000 projects annually). Fondazione Cariplo’s mission is to advance the common good. It does so by backing public benefit projects that identify emerging issues, propose novel responses to deep-seated needs and disseminate successful practices. The Foundation does not act in lieu of other public or private players, but works side by side with them under the principle of subsidiarity. Fondazione Cariplo is a member of the European Foundation Centre, an international membership association of foundations and corporate funders based in Brussels. Fondazione Cariplo acts mainly as a grant making organisation and over the years has played the role of funder of several EC granted initiatives. Furthermore, in 2006, Fondazione Cariplo signed an agreement with the European Investment Bank aimed at boosting local investments in the field of big research infrastructures. It is important to highlight that over the years the Foundation -according to a defined strategy- has gained a growing international perspective thanks to its participation on international boards (i.e. EFC-European Research Forum), R&D organisations (i.e. Agropolis Fondation, ESOF/Euroscience) and in projects/initiatives (FIRST in the field of agrifood research, NTD with Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkian, Fondation Mérieux, Nuffield Foundation e Volkswagen Stiftung in the field of neglected tropical disease, Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting).


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