Cooperation Partners

Georgian Research and Development Foundation (Georgia)


Acronym: GRDF

The Georgian Research and Development Foundation (GRDF) is a non-profit (noncommercial), non-governmental organization performing its activities on the basis of the Georgian legislation. The mission of Foundation is to promote the development of the scientific and technological potential of Georgia by providing training and consultation support to Georgian researchers, engineers, businessmen and other S&T stakeholders, as well as by applying competitive granting schemes in S&T. Activities of GRDF encompass the following priorities: (i) Encouragement of competitively capable R&D projects that serves to solve significant social and economic national concern of Georgia. (ii) Support of young scientists and engineers, involvement of students in research, assistance in preparation of PhD, etc. (iii) Assistance in development of research infrastructure. (iv) Support of business-oriented scientists to establish scientific-entrepreneurial network and bridge the gap between research and industry; development of innovation activity in the country. Under the Grant Assistance Program GRDF offers unique set of financial and project management services to foreign organizations (sponsors) in support of their collaborative activities in Georgia: (i) Assists sponsors in development and execution of research projects (including assistance in: project budget preparation, establishment of project milestones, arrangement of administrative and financial control). (ii) Provides support for the procurement and delivery of project equipment, supplies and professional services. (iii) Provides logistic support and assists in: organisation of travel for sponsor organization personnel, planning and coordination of scientific seminars, conferences and other similar activities. GRDF is actively involved in administration of several large-scale projects being implemented in Georgia under the U.S. Cooperative Biological Research (CBR) Program.