Cooperation Partners

Research Institute of Water Problems and Hydro-energy Problems of the Kyrgyz Republic Academy of Sciences (Kyrgyzstan)

Scientific institution with a focus on water based in Kyrgyzstan

Acronym: IWP

As the head national center of scientific researches the Institute of Water Problems and Hydropower (IWP) takes a strong place with regards to conducting scientific studies concerning water problems of Kyrgyzstan. Main aspects of our activity are: solving problems of interstate exploitation of transboundary waters with the purpose to develop criteria and principles on determination of water quota of Central Asian states in basin of Aral sea; studying the state of water resources in conditions of global warming, prognosticating the situation’s evolution and developing recommendations on mitigation of negative consequences of water resource decline; developing methodical bases and introducing price-formation into water use at national and international levels; observing the state of underground waters as potential source of drinking water, developing measurements on their protection from contamination; constructing economical structures and nets for taking drinking water; creating mathematical and cartographic models of natural processes; introducing information technologies into transboundary water management; studying climatology; mountain ecosystems. The Institute possesses computer database on water and land resources, methodical approaches to determining different kinds of water tariffs, various digital models, characterizing natural conditions of Kyrgyzstan’s area. We have been a leader or a partner in a number of national and international scientific-research projects. During the recent years we have been accomplishing projects under program COPERNICUS, have been collaborating with USAID, the Observatory of Great Lakes and Smitsonian Institution (USA), the ISTC and other international organizations.



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