Cooperation Partners

Agency for the Promotion of European Research (Italy)

APRE is a non-profit organisation from Italy and hosts the Italian National Contact Point system for the EU framework programmes

Acronym: APRE

Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (APRE - Agency for the Promotion of European Research) is a non-profit organisation based in Italy that provides information, assistance and training in order to promote Italian participation in European Research and Technological Development programmes. APRE was created as a joint initiative between the Italian Ministry of Research and the European Commission in 1989 and is supported by approximately 80 member organisations, including both public and private research centres, industries, industrial associations, banks, chambers of commerce, science parks and 40 universities. APRE’s head office is situated in Rome and also relies on a network of 17 regional helpdesks located throughout the national territory. The free-of-charge services include: a help line, organisation of info-days, partner search, web-based information, publications and training sessions (available for APRE members only) and assistance in Transnational Technology Transfer.


Via Cavour 71 00184