ZSI / COACT workshop on Participatory Evaluation in Citzen Science in May 2021

1. Feb. 2021

Workshop at the Citizen Science Association Conference

The workshop starts from the observation that while Citizen Science is highly participatory, evaluation does not live up to this claim. In the workshop we will explore existing approaches to participatory evaluation where participants are involved from the beginning, e.g. in co-designing the evaluation strategy. We plan to discuss alternative methods (e.g. open evaluation, peer interviews, diaries, storytelling, etc.) and to show how they are applied in different evaluation contexts. In all of this, we will reflect on possible risks and pitfalls based on concrete experiences, and consider which approaches promise success in times of physical distancing and crisis. You can register here: The workshop was developed by Katja Mayer, Barbara Kieslinger, Teresa Schäfer and Stefanie Schürz in the project CoAct.


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Tags: citizen science, citizen social science, participatory evaluation