7. Jul. 2020

Invitation to an online survey: TRESCA examines (dis)incentives for science communication

The European project TRESCA develops innovative quality concepts and communication strategies in order to (1) counter strategically spread misinformation, as well as inaccurate or unscientific information and (2) strengthen public trust in science communication towards decision-makers and the general public. We aim to comprehend the ongoing science communication trends both within science (science inreach) and between scientists and the public (science outreach).

TRESCA focuses on key social developments in the areas of digital security, environ-mental health, automation and the future of work. TRESCA pays particular attention to the interrelationships between researchers, journalists and political decision-makers.


TRESCA survey on participation in science communication

Share your experience and opinion with us!


TRESCA currently investigates the incentives and challenges for the engagement of researchers in science communication and invites researchers from all disciplines to take part in a short (about 10 minutes long) online survey – deadline 10 September:


More about TRESCA

Find out more about TRESCA project on our official website

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